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In an ever ongoing economic, political and technological context, our goal is to combine legal excellence with expertise in corporate strategy and finance, as well as a solid grasp of the business world, large or small.

To assist you in your set-up project or your development plans, we can provide you with the legal advice adapted to your needs. We will help you to interact with the various players involved in your operations (auditors, accountants, co-contractors and consultants, evaluators, capital funds and banks, etc.), and advise you in all the procedures and negotiations to ensure the conformity of your legal acts and deeds.

We offer you our personalised support at each stage of your project. Your priorities are not necessarily compatible with the intricacies of the law when you start your business, structure your teams or seek to raise funds.

You will therefore value and better protect your interests and those of your company by having a legal structure, articles of association and pacts etc. adapted to your projects and goals. Dare to say, articles gleaned from the Internet or from ‘friends’ are not worth much; when problems come to light it is already too late and can cost your very dear. You and your project are worth far more!

We offer you creative and value adding assistance, compatible with your financial constraints. Added to this, we offer our companies and entrepreneurs the benefit of our Start-SMI offer, which has three components :

1. Study of your project

This is an essential step! We listen carefully to your needs and anticipate with you all the aspects of your project and your personal and patrimonial situation in order to define your objectives and the means to reach them.

2. Creating your company

We advise you on the legal and tax implications of your project and your personal situation.

We draw up all the legal documentation and carry out all obligatory legal formalities required for the incorporation of your company. We ensure legal follow-up of your company: approval of the annual accounts, modification of the management’s  remuneration, payment of dividends, transfer of registered office, statutory changes, the monitoring of all allied formalities…

We relieve you of the legal upkeep of your company, of which we will keep you fully informed. We advise you regularly, if necessary, on the technical aspects of company law, and put you in touch with experienced professionals with whom we work alongside.

We offer a series of complementary deeds adapted to your needs at the time of initial set-up :

•       shareholder pact between founders,

•       assignment of intellectual property rights,

•       confidentiality agreement,

•       lodging of trademarks and allied formalities

·       GTCS

Our services for these deeds are invoiced on a fixed-price basis.

3. Fundraising

We offer a complete package of tailor-made legal documents and services adapted to your specific needs, with the accent on protecting your investor, you and your company.

We can also assist you throughout the fund raising, draft the whole documentation and provide legal support during its negotiation.

We offer a packaged fee for this kind of mission, together with a deferred payment until the fund raising is completed.

We also intervene in several other areas which may interest you. We are naturally at your entire disposal to discuss your projects.

Contacts : Philippe Simon and Laurent Badiane


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