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Our history

It all started in the 1970’s. The firm was founded by Theo Klein, a leading figure of the Bar and of the ‘civil society’. After being sworn in at both the French and Israeli bars in 1945, Theo developed his own clientele before joining in 1973 a group of business lawyers and legal advisors located at the historical address: 44 avenue des Champs-Elysées.

In 1978 the firm became Klein & Associés, with Théo gathering five lawyers around him. Due to his talent and charisma, prominent clients followed him in his expansion. The collective adventure was now ready to begin.

From the very beginning the firm paid close attention to the burgeoning global business world and positioned itself in the emerging business Bar. Among its clients were to be found industrial giants such as Jean-Luc Lagardère and Sylvain Floirat, and eminent leaders in such diverse sectors as communication, finance (Edmond de Rothschild) or the entertainment industry (Gilbert Trigano).

Because very early on he spent much time in business premises and environments, seeking insight as to how better understand their expectations, Theo can be considered a pioneer of the modern law profession as we know it today. In addition, as soon as it was created the firm became a key partner for the French government, several African governments and Israeli companies.

Throughout the years the firm has built a solid reputation in various fields such as defense, media and telecommunications, highway infrastructure, air and road transportation, biotech and sport. With a sector-by-sector approach and thorough knowledge of each client – earnt thanks to long-term partnerships, it is regularly in demand from renowned clients.

The ‘noughties’ were the beginning of a new era, embodied by the arrival of a new team, now led by François Klein. The unity of the firm is now even stronger with the name KGA Avocats.

Today, the firm is run like a business: with dynamism and efficiency. But it has nevertheless inherited from its founding roots and original structure, a strong sense of fellowship – much appreciated by its clients.


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