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LAETITIA BASSET – assists French and foreign clients, providing both legal advisory and litigation services, in all areas of intellectual property law (in particular trademarks, designs and models, copyright, domain names, and unfair competition), as well as of the law relating to new technologies and the protection of personal data. She approaches and handles matters with the same determination and energy as for a tennis match, a sport she plays on a very regular basis.

LISA BATAILLE – Reactive and fully invested, Lisa works in a transversal way in both data protection and intellectual property law, for which she has a strong disposition. Her availability, adaptability and work force have enabled Lisa to integrate into the « starting five » of the Intellectual Property – IT  Law department.

sophie-chavanes2SOPHIE CHAVANES – A rare mixture of maturity, rigour and diligence, heightened by a permanent good mood, have enabled Sophie to fit in perfectly with the renowned KGA culture.

ETIENNE DE CASTELBAJAC – Attorney at the Paris bar since 2016

virginie-delannoy2VIRGINIE DELANNOY – Virginie has for several precious years enhanced the public law team at KGA with her skills, her understanding of the law and her sharp analysis of critical situations. Her multiple qualities and her energy play a huge role in the development of the team and of the firm.

NINA HALIMI – Attorney at the Paris Bar since 2018

GRATIANE KRESSMANN – Full of enthusiasm and unquestionable initiative, Gratiane combines her brilliant aptitude in legal proficiency with constant rigour and an unbeatable inventiveness, which she applies to each and every case, notably in labour law.

virginie-lafargue2VIRGINIE LAFARGUE – Virginie demonstrates great legal agility by displaying a solid determination, which becomes apparent at first sight and which morphs into a shrewd combativeness when it comes to litigation. Her resolve to successfully fulfill a mission, no matter what the effort, is one of the qualities which led her to become part of KGA’s public law team as soon as her internship was over.

MARION MOINE – Attorney at the Paris Bar since 2015

anna-stefanini-coste2ANNA STEFANINI-COSTE – Anna’s discreet personality hides a rigorous determination which is evidenced in the success of multiple public law cases. Her colleagues know they can put all their trust in her thorough legal analysis, her attention to detail and in her keen sense of responsibility towards the firm’s clients.

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