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KGA LAB: Power to Imagination!

The « Public Law » team of KGA, which is composed of ten lawyers and led by two partners – Eve Derouesné and Marc Sénac de Monsembernard – considers its role to be that of a laboratory of legal innovation. Be it to assist and advise innovating ready-to-use projects, to develop tailor-made solutions or to propose original analysis angles or build partnerships between public organizations and private companies, the KGA LAB teams systematically offer personalized and creative approaches. Likewise, in litigation they are expert in planning and carrying out strategies integrating all the specific needs defined by their clients. Not only taking a fresh look at the state of the law, but also making the law in vivo, is the principle of the KGA LAB teams, who immerse themselves fully in the sectors and professions for which they intervene.

Whether in an advisory capacity or in litigation, the KGA LAB teams favour a cross-sector approach that, over and above legal advice, delivers practical recommendations that can be worked out by all parties concerned.

The KGA LAB teams borrow the best practices and tools from other sectors, such as engineering say, to optimize its professional practice, e.g. use of project management software such as Microsoft Project, using its teams’ resources in “setup mode” or « project mode”. KGA LAB combines a highly technical legal expertise with specific editorial and intellectual skills to guide and assist its clients in their many and varying operations: strategy and communication, lobbying, the creation of think tanks, opinion writing and contract management in particular.

KGA LAB’s lawyers deal constantly with sensitive and confidential matters. Trust, loyalty, tenacity, independence… These values ​​nourish the practice of the KGA LAB both in specific missions where established expertise proves necessary, and in the long-term relations established by its teams with their historical clients.

Among our fields of intervention can be found:

  • Administrative Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Public contracts (including concession and partnership contracts)
  • Public domains and works
  • Public companies
  • Civil service (labour law)
  • Foundations and associations
  • Administrative policies
  • Economic regulation
  • Aeronautics and Space
  • Electronic communications
  • Defense and Security
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Sports and cultural facilities
  • Transport (air, rail, road)
  • Town planning
  • Commercial use of public data


The team : Eve Derouesné et Marc de Monsembernard


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