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Since 1993, the teams of KGA Defense, with five partners and a dozen employees, intervene and advise the economic operators in the field of  defense: major industrial contractors, medium-sized companies or SMEs installed in France and abroad and key actors in public domain.

Our strength lies in an acquired knowledge of the issues and traditions of the sector, a sound perception of cultures among the military and a strong sensitivity towards defense and national security issues, i.e. our values ​​of loyalty and confidentiality. It ensures us a privileged platform in the area of defense, a sector in which legal matter is constantly gaining ground.

The KGA Defense teams determine alongside you the optimum legal framework of intervention, all the while taking into account the requirements of the governance of your company, the arrangements carried out by your investors and the specifications of the French regulations applicable to the sector. Our goal: tailor-made solutions. The men and women of KGA Defense accompany you in creating the ad hoc structure for each of your operations. They ensure the filing of administrative declarations as well as monitoring the various requests for authorizations. Finally, they interact with the relevant ministries.

The KGA Defense lawyers assist you in your applications for public contracts in defense and security, and in the completion of such contracts (contractual execution planning, program steering) in order to ensure absolute compliance with all legal and economic rules and regulations. The quality of our relations with our interlocutors, as well as our thorough inside knowledge of the industry, enable us to resolve any crisis situations that may arise (contractual penalties, questioning of prices, technical impossibilities).

We can also assist you in litigation, if necessary.

The KGA Defense team will assist and guide you in all your dealings in the public and military domain; they will interpret all  the stakes in terms of location, activity, regulations, coordination with the public authorities and security.

The team: Eve Derouesné et Marc de Monsembernard


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