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georges-aramar2GEORGES ARAMA – The skills he has gained through his national and international experience, together with his loyal and consistent commitment towards his clients, has enabled Georges to develop a clientele which unreservedly recognizes his worth and appreciates his values and qualities.

LAURENT BADIANE – His most renowned expertise is in intellectual property law, new technologies and IT. His rigour, perseverance, pragmatism and creativity allow him to offer his clients advice and guidance in an international environment on regulatory, contractual and litigation issues.

PATRICK BERJAUD – Due to the solid experience and specialization Patrick has acquired over the years, he is considered by his peers as an eminent authority on labour law. He is probably one of the few who have understood there’s no need to take oneself seriously to be respected.

SOPHIE BORENSTEIN – Whatever the French or international taxation, in all its aspects, it is not only an expertise, it is also a passion. Pragmatism, rigor, determination, respect, compliance and ethics, her clients are grateful for that.

MATTHIEU BOURGEOIS provides advice and representation in litigation for French and international companies in their innovative projects or any activity that requires a high level of technical legal knowledge, specifically in the health, cosmetics and beauty, energy, insurance, finance (asset management), distribution and digital sectors. His renowned expertise covers data protection, intellectual property law (copyright, trademarks, patents, drawings and models, domain names), unfair competition and parasitic conduct, electronic communications and commerce, and advertising law. Matthieu Bourgeois also intervenes in support of investment projects (due diligence), to audit and verify ownership and compliance for intangible assets.

michele-dauvois2MICHÈLE DAUVOIS – Michele’s smile, and her relentless drive and tenacity, are her permanent features. Michèle is a thoroughly modern lawyer, working effortlessly in both French and English on complex cases to which she brings her expert insight and knowledge of the business and corporate worlds, as also her extensive experience in litigation. Her outstanding talent in both these areas are fully recognized and treasured by the entire firm.

eve-derouesne2EVE DEROUESNÉ – Determination, unbeatable motivation and enthusiasm are Eve’s key professional qualities. Clients who entrust her with a case can rest assured that it will be in skilled hands and treated by a sharp and practical mind. Eve is a driving force within the public law team, and is an assiduous colleague who earns the utmost respect of her peers.

FRANÇOIS KLEIN – How François manages to consistently and faithfully heed his clients’ needs, and at the same time those of his own firm’s members, remains a mystery. With the same enthusiasm and devotion he handles his cases, he is a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and takes great pleasure in guiding and leading the KGA teams. The “Captain” role fits him perfectly and he knows how to exercise authority without ever losing a jot of his humanity, or forgetting KGA’s values.

pierre-le-breton2PIERRE LE BRETON – For Pierre’s clients, be they entrepreneurs, general contractors or project managers, his dual qualifications as an economist engineer and a lawyer, both of which lean naturally towards construction trades, are an advantage that can often be decisive, especially during technical expertise.

MARC SÉNAC DE MONSEMBERNARD – Is it possible to graduate from the elite Ecole Nationale d’Administration (the National Administrative School) then go on to serve as a judge, only later to become a lawyer in a business law firm? Marc, whose intelligent moves were defined by his ability to adapt, now brings his experience and know-how to the complex cases he successfully manages, all the while demonstrating great legal finesse.

philippe-simon2PHILIPPE SIMON – It is pleasing to think that Philippe, who was once the legal director of a renowned multinational which was then a client of the firm, decided to cross over to the other side and become a lawyer and partner. His experience of the business world is particularly precious, especially combined with his masterful ability to listen, sum up and take action.

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